Best Portable Laptop Table Stand india 2020


Portable Laptop Table Stand


  • Elegant Portable: Very attractive design and finish. Legs can be folded completely to make it highly portable
  • Strong and adjustable: Vertical Extension of Legs and Angular Adjustments (0-30 degrees) of Top, it has Soft Notches given on one side of flat-top to prevent things from rolling down when tilted
  • Compatible: Size and strength ensures that all Laptop Models can be mounted on it, separate place to keep mouse with mouse-pad
  • Cleanliness and anti-dust: Smooth Top can be wiped with moist Clean Cloth without damaging the top

Callas Multifunctional  Adjustable Portable Laptop Table


  • Use it lying on the bed or recliner
  • A laptop or tablet stand for sitting on the sofa or a food table to enjoy breakfast in bed
  • A snack tray for watching TV when sitting on the floor
  • A standing desk for office work

laptop stand

Q: Is this table hard to assemble when received?

A: There isn’t any assembly…simply unfold legs and adjust to suit your needs…tray height and slant! Very simple!

Q: Is it suitable for breastfeeding?

A: It will be a good stand for you while breastfeeding, lightweight, easy to use and storage, it’s a multifunctional stand.

Q: Is it sturdy enough for typing?

A: It’s definitely sturdy enough for typing. It doesn’t wobble when you type, but there could be some slight back & forth movement. It’s constructed well.


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