Telefunken 102 cm

Best Telefunken LED TV series launched in India 2020

Quantum Luminit Technology

An innovative display technology to enhance the spectrum of colors on the LED TV screen giving you an unmatched visual experience.

Built-In Soundbar – The Real Entertainer

Enjoy home theatre like experience with the Built-In Soundbar of Telefunken Led TV. Super bass and extra treble for a ground-breaking experience.

Wide Colour Gamut – Rich Colours With Brilliant Detailing

Enhance your TV viewing experience with a more realistic picture quality as the WIDE COLOUR GAMUT with NTSC 90% enhances the reds, greens and blues making the colours of your TV more lifelike than you’ve ever seen on any other TV.



High Definition picture quality combined with the smartness of Quantum Luminit technology gives you an unmatched TV experience. It’s 1366×768 pixels at work, makes every scene come to life giving you the real picture in the most natural form.

Specially Built For Indian Conditions

Exclusively designed to match the ever-changing Indian weather conditions which makes it Heat Resistant – tested upto 45°C continuously for 240 hours, Humidity Resistant – tested upto 90% relative humidity and Voltage Fluctuation Resistant – tested upto +/-20% normal voltage levels (100-240V)

Established in Germany – 115 Years of Trust and Excellence

Telefunken is associated with the core values of a high quality and innovative German brand. For over 115 years, TELEFUNKEN has stood for inventions and innovations in the fields of consumer electronics and industrial goods. Even today, this promise to perform and the trust it generates among our customers still ensures a strong image and high level of awareness across the globe.

Pan India Service Centres

Our mission is to deliver best-in-class service and support for our new and existing customers. For your complete peace of mind and to keep up with your trust we have 800+ PAN India service centres.

Immersive Gaming Experience

Never miss your chance to win and experience the game as it was intended. With optimized picture quality take your gaming experience to the next level with Telefunken LED TV.

Eye Safe Mode

Blue light wavelengths have a more stimulating impact on the retina, causing eye fatigue, as opposed to other colors emitted from screens. Switching on Eye Safe Mode optimizes your viewing comfort and gives soothing effect to your eyes by reducing the blue light emission.

Adaptive Brightness and Contrast

The Telefunken LED TV has 300 Nits super brightness with accurate white balance for best viewing experience even in day light. The contrast of the display is enhanced to deliver a superior picture quality.

Safe During Lightning Strikes

The high quality internal circuit components of Telefunken Led TV keeps it protected from lightning and voltage spikes.

No More Dust Protection Covers

The entry of dust particles is reduced due to the 30% smaller ventilation slots that is placed at an optimal position at the back of the TV.

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